What Do We Do?

Residence Style is basically in to spreading different and exclusive ideas of interior and exterior designs of home. The idea is very simple that when people visit our site and see our content we believe that they will like and share it. Our constant seek is to deliver a best possible ideas, a site that will become a enduring source of positive energy and enthusiasm., We believe that what is beautiful for one might not be even ‘okay’ for another. We also believes that sharing interior or exterior designing is not just to impress people  but also to ensure that when every time they visit our site; it convinces them to like and spread it; and that’s exactly what we do.

Get decorating inspiration and tips from top designs on Residence Style that we share and choose the ideas that’s best for you.

Our Goal

Residence style basically works on home décor inspirations. Where people can get interior and exterior design ideas.

We are willing to launch a magazine in future. We would like to inspire people to get innovative and creative ideas to built their dream home. Our magazine will contain all kind of home décor Ideas. So, it will be one stop destination for readers to find everything they want to know.

Our Mission

Once we publish our magazine and we reach to our goal successfully, we will come up with our mission to make a e-commerce website of residence style.

If readers find anything interesting in our magazine and they want to own that product, In that case they won’t have to suffer to find that product. It will be available on our website.

Our Team

Mr. Raunaq Rayait – (Content Writer)

No prizes for guessing that content on these websites play the most important role in getting the message across. Since time is less, content on a website should be concise and to the point, giving the visitor the right information quickly.

It’s Mr. Raunaq who is assigned the task of writing content exclusively for our website. Web Content basically refers to factual information for e.g. features or benefits of a product, service or an idea.

Vikas Purohit – (Editor)

As Web content editor, Vikas Purohit is responsible for planning, creating, editing and publishing information on our website.

Vikas Purohit has been working with other Web professionals, such as Web designers, developers and webmasters to determine the best way to present information online.

Jignesh Prajapati – (Web Developer)

Jignesh prajapati is responsible for coding, innovative design and layout of our website. He built our website from concept all the way to completion from the bottom up, fashioning everything from the home page to site layout and function.

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