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Old Charming Apartment With Scandinavian Style Decor

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The whole decoration and furniture of home from living room to bathroom gives the look of lavishing nature with the help of Scandinavian style decor, Styling by Grey Deco and Photography by Jonas Berg For Stadshem. This gives glowing ambiance and deepest thoughts to home. The cross ventilated windows and corridors give romantic florescent airy environment in every corner of home.

Scandinavian Style Decor

Scandinavian Style Home Decor Living Room

Living Room : Main part of the house is living room, which exaggerates the brightness and ambiance of house. In which, put some white carpet or colored lounge, hang some beautiful hanger lights. Light must be white and bright in colors which make room delightful by Scandinavian Interior Design. Put some big living room table, chairs around that table, and other decorative things.

Neo Renaissance Style Home in Sweden

Old Charming Apartment With Scandinavian Style Decor

Decorate The Corners Of Living Room : by putting some relaxing chair with small table and lamps for darkest hours. Establish the furniture like rustic, vintage, Scandinavian style decors. Putting cleared things like glass jugs and pen stand on that table, small pillow on that chair for comforting purpose.

living room and dining room partition design

Dining Room : The room besides living is dining room, and there is big bulb hanging light over a dining table. Decorate your dining table by putting some mouth fresheners and walnut jars, aroma candles, and dining set.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen Design

Scandinavian Style Decor small kitchen

Kitchen Space : Opposite of living room there is kitchen area look stunning by white Scandinavian style decor furniture on that, with hanging simple basket with full of garlic. A beautiful exhaust, a modern inductive stove, small pots of grass leafs make picture of kitchen clear. And cylindrical shaped same sized bottle of salt and spices.

Mid Century Modern Dining Room Design

Decorate Dining Table : Behind dining table, there are many outstanding picture of artwork over small desk and small note pages for daily remainders. On desk, there is little radio for entertainment and for daily news on eating time. Big white pot contains white roses and orchids which spread their aroma scents over a room.

modern Nordic style mix of black and white interior

elegant bedroom with authentic details

Nordic Style Bedroom Interior Design

Beauty Of Bedroom : Moving on-wards to the bedroom portion, the scenario is clear by white denim blankets on bed and hanging light covered with dull white piece of cloth, set of grey shaded pillows over on bed, a plant tree on starting of bedroom, a small lounge on floor. The floor can be crafted with full wooden work, and can also be colored.

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Interior Design With Small Book Case

Bedroom Accessories : In bedroom, there is small lamp is attached to the right of bed. Decorate your bedroom with putting small stack for books, and artifacts, empty color shaded bottles over that by furnishing you bedroom by Scandinavian style decor. A small cactus plant looking awesome on stack of book.

Black Small Table Lamp For Bedroom

Small Lamp : The black mate colored lamp on small stool making room gorgeous and alive. Decorate bedroom with small cushions, pillows, colorful bed sheets, and floor lounge. A small pot of dry plant over a desk looking dashing and making room authentic and peaceful.

mid century modern interior small office in bedroom

Home Office Scandinavian Style Decor Wall Art

Office In Bedroom : The corner of bedroom, where there is genuine furnished study or work table gaining the spot in room. There are many art  photo frames over  desk with simple set of message. There is small light lamp and thin pot with flower leaf making table authentic.

small bedroom corner chair near window

Corner of The Bedroom : In bedroom corners, you can put a simple chair with colorful relaxing pillow a basket of burlap material has been there for storing some daily newspaper and important things of morning needs. There is another pot of dry plant on window ledge looking superb.

Old Charming Apartment Scandinavian Style Living Room

White Sofa : Now the things which important for decoration of living room. Fireplace is always in living room gives warm welcome to your guests. The stunning sofa sets and sofa chairs give the outstanding look to living room. Decorate your living room by the graphic printed pillows and flooring mates.

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Small Coffee Table : The table of living room look beautiful, if it is decorate by some sort of small pots and candle over there. It is good if you have aroma candles and books on tables. Just like Scandinavian style decor, you can put artifacts, antiques, and retro time items on tables.

Entryway Rug Wooden Floor

Entrance Rug : Hallways or corridors of house can be of wooden flooring and any colored flooring, which makes path shine in darkness also. Decorate your corridors with long printed and colored mates and putting bench for sitting purpose in house.

Dressing Room White Designs

Dressing Room : Wardrobe means needed things which have been use in daily-lifestyle. In which, consist of lots of clothes hanging on the hanger. On the top, there are several graphic printed luggage bags over there. Separate sections in bottom, for storing of small clothes and accessories. And small dressing table with iconic white chair for preparations.

Scandinavian Style Mix of Black and White Bathroom Black Floor

black and white floor tile patterns

Black & White Bathroom : Last but not least, the bathroom section in which there is one large hanger for putting bundles of towels, soaps, perfumes, aroma gels and after bath suites like old Scandinavian style decor. And wash basin with mirror and soaps. The flooring is of black glossy form and best suitable or matching for bathroom ceilings.

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