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4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Brighter

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Not happy with your bathroom? Think it is too dark or feels to small? Then this is the blog post for you. We have found 4 tips on how to make your bathroom brighter. Our tricks can help make the smallest and darkest bathroom look bigger and brighter. You can have the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Why Make Your Bathroom Brighter?

The bathroom is one of the most used spaces in any home. With that said, you should make sure the room is functional, stylish and light. No one wants to have a relaxing bath or take an energising shower in a dark and small room. By choosing the right decor and furniture, you can create a bright room that you want to spend time in.

It isn’t just the feel of the room why you should make the bathroom brighter but also for practicality. The bathroom is where you shave, wash and more so you need to be able to see properly. You cannot shave in a dark and dim room. So, make the room lighter to make the space more functional.

Not only will you enjoy your comfortable space but buyers always look for the best bathrooms, so your house could be worth more if you decide to sell in the future. A beautiful and bright bathroom will make your house more desirable on the market.

4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Brighter

So, you have decided that you would like to give your bathroom a makeover and now you need some ideas. We are here to help and have found four ways to make your bathroom brighter. There are some simpler ideas that you can try yourself and some more complicated for the homeowners that want a dramatic new look.

1. Windows – If your bathroom does not have windows then consider adding windows if you own the property. It will require contractors but the end result will be worth it. If the bathroom does have windows then consider changing them. Tall windows are a great choice as more light will be let in. You can also consider a skylight too. If you are worried about privacy with windows then you can choose frosted windows that will still let in light but passers by will not be able to see in.


2. Paint – The colour you paint your bathroom can affect how light the room is and how large the room feels while you are in it. One of the best colours to use to brighten up your bathroom is white. White reflects light and makes the room seem bigger and brighter. You can add other light colours to soften the bright white. White is also a great choice as it looks clean and always stylish.


3. Open Plan – Box bathrooms can be dark and feel small. So, you can consider creating an open plan bathroom. Knock down the walls and open up the space to create a light and bright room. You will need professional help with this but a contractor can create a beautiful space. This will also make the house more desirable if you wish to sell.

Open Plan

4. Decor – You can jazz up the room and make it look brighter with decor. Also consider adding candles, lamps, table mirrors and more to reflect and add more light. Also consider your surfaces, fixtures and fittings. Try to choose pieces in white to reflect light and also avoid large clunky, dark pieces of furniture.


How a Bathroom Renovation Company Can Help

You can hire professionals to help with your affordable bathroom renovations. By hiring an experienced team you will receive advice on the best plans, materials and ways to get your dream bathroom. Also these jobs require a professional because if you try to knock down walls or add windows yourself then it can go wrong which is costly and will delay the finished result.

Speak to your local bathroom renovation specialist to learn more about how they can help make your bathroom brighter.

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