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A Guide to Choose Best Folding Mattresses

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Folding mattresses are a portable and versatile alternative to traditional mattresses for home use. A folding mattress is a type of mattress that can be folded or folded easily to transport and store it comfortably. Due to their ultra high portability, these folding mattresses are quite useful for different uses.

A Best Foldable Mattress cannot be deflated. When you do not want to continue using it, simply fold it until it occupies the least possible space. Although inflatable mattresses are also indicated for places of limited size, they must be deflated for optimal storage. In addition, when using them, a little time and effort should be devoted to inflate them, with the discomfort that this may entail. For its part, extending a folding mattress only requires a few seconds.

What to look for in a folding mattress when going to buy them


When we speak of a folding mattress, one of the fundamental aspects is the weight of the aforementioned mattress, which is directly related to its thickness. The thinner the mattress, it will weigh less, but it is also likely that your comfort will not be as much as it could be in case of a thicker mattress.

Obviously, this aspect, the weight, is essential when we want a mattress that we have to manipulate with some frequency or when we want to take it camping, travel or simply have to move it from time to time.

Therefore, it is important that you consider the weight before opting for a specific mattress. As a reference, a traditional individual mattress has an approximate weight ranging from 5 to 7 kilos, depending on the density of the foam.


If we talk about comfort, we have to fix almost mandatory in the height of the Foldable Mattress and the density of the foam that is inside.

Starting from the height, the traditional height of a folding mattress is around 10 centimetres, high necessary for the rest to be of quality and obviously there is the necessary insulation with the floor, since they are not usually used with box springs or canape. Regarding density, the greater the density, the mattress will usually be harder and more resistant and, therefore, more comfort will offer those who look for hard mattresses or for heavier users.

These users may find soft foam mattresses too soft, since they may end up sinking into them. However, since most mattresses are governed by standard principles, it can be somewhat difficult to find this type of mattress in the market. In these cases, roll-up mattresses can be an interesting alternative.

3.Folded size

Folded size
When we buy a folding mattress, it is because we need a removable mattress and that we have to store it properly, either to transport it if we use it during a camping trip or to have it in the closet in case we use it as a guest bed.

The usual design of a folding mattress is made so that, once folded, it occupies the space equivalent to one third of its size and three times its height, in the so-called sandwich structure, stackable on itself. A structure that allows to store it in a very simple way and that the assembly of it is as easy as extending the mattress on the surface and ready.

In any case, if you have any problem to store the mattress, it is true that the foam structure is flexible, so you will not have problems when storing it if you squeeze it a little, so that the high folding that appears in the characteristics of the product can be reduced slightly if necessary.

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