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Is it OK to Trim Trees in the Fall?

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There is no doubt that a tree in full blossom looks fantastic. However that doesn’t stop it from being annoying when it’s blocking all the sun to your home. Of course this is just one reason why you may want to trim a tree. But, the question is when should you do this trimming? Is it okay to trim trees in the fall?

Before you start trimming or even considering Tree removal Sydney you need to consider how much of the tree you want to trim, the height of the tree and what pieces of the tree could fall on. That’s alongside confirming the tree is worth trimming and not dying or dead.

If you have any concerns over trimming the tree yourself it is important to contact a professional. They will have the right gear and insurance to ensure the job is done safely.
If your tree is dead you need to remove it as quickly as this is better for your health and safety as well as that of your neighbors.

Trimming Trees In The Fall

Trimming Trees In The Fall

The idea time to trim any tree is actually the winter. This is when the leaves have fallen off the tree and it appears dead. In fact it is simply dormant until the weather warms up again.

If you need to do it sooner than this then you will still need to wait until the leaves have fallen off. If you trim a tree before this stage then it is likely to die over the winter.

You may be okay to remove a few small branches but major trimming really should wait until the winter.

Why Wait

The damp and cooler weather in the fall means that the tree will take longer to heal after you’ve cut some of its limbs off. Unfortunately when the weather is like this the likeliness of fungal infection is much higher. Combine this with an exposed wound and the fungi ca attack the tree doing irrepairable damage
Surprisingly the wounds will heal faster if you prune in the late winter or even the early spring; before the new buds arrive.

New Growth

New Growth

If you trim in the fall it is possible that the weather will still be warm enough to encourage the tree to start growing again. Unfortunately this new growth will not have time to harden before the cold weather of winter arrives. The new growth will then be at risk. Any damage to this can affect the infrastructure and even the roots of the tree.

Disease & Insects

In the fall the trunk and branches can be hard to see properly thanks to all the foliage. However, once the eaves have dropped you’ll be able to inspect the tree properly. This can tell you if there is any sign of bacteria attack, disease and insect issues.

If you find any of these you may want to deal with these issues before you weaken the tree further by removing its branches.

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