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Clearing Bush Around Your Home with a Kukri Machete

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The kukri knife is native to the Nepalese people enjoying a mythical status in the country. It is a versatile tool that you can use in combat and as a farm implement. You can also use a kukri machete on a hunting expedition or even camping – it is an ideal outdoor tool.

Every gardener knows how vital it is to clear old and overgrown weed and shrubs to make way for new planting or just make your yard more natural – unwanted bush has a strange way of thriving.

While getting rid of the bush is more of brute force, having the right tool is critical, and none is more suited for the task than a kukri machete.

For effectiveness, you will need to know how to grip the kukri knife. The standard grip is sufficient for chopping and bush clearing and is quite straightforward.

The following is how you clear bush efficiently using a kukri machete:

1. Prepare

A kukri machete is an exciting tool to wield but hold your horses! Be sure to check whether the “bush” you’re about to remove is a protected species. And if it is, then you can’t go hacking it down. You will need to transfer it to an approved site.
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Also, check for nests in the bush. If you find a bird’s nest, postpone the exercise until the hatchlings move on – we must be humane, don’t you think so?

Be sure you also know where the utility lines cross the property and see how you are going to deal them. You will need to be careful or will be dealing with a hazard and an additional expense.

2. Have a Plan of Attack

For efficiency, you will need to decide on the plan of attack. Determine which bush goes first and which follows depending on how tough they are. If you have hired a chipper, then you will need to clear the bushes within the shortest time possible to save on costs.

3. Reduce

Some bushes and shrubs are sometimes very thick or hard to deal with at a go. Use your sharp kukri or branch pruners to remove the branches first. For more comfortable management, chop the branches into pieces that can go smoothly into the wood chipper or bags.
It will then be easier to deal with the stumps.

4. Deal with the Stump

Locate the root system of every stump and make sure they will not be a problem when removing them. The roots that are closer to the surface can be torn out with hands and those that you can’t, use a kukri on them. Fill the holes created as you continue to the next one.
Dig around to expose more roots and cut them also. Then finally cut the stump.

5. Clean up

You can leave the roots and stump to decompose naturally if they are not a problem. Remove the bushes and the branches to be left with new open spaces for the new project you have in mind.

Clean the kukri and other equipment for storage.

Hopefully, these tips will prove useful when clearing your yard of an overgrown bush. If you’re thinking about buying a kukri machete, be sure to check out https://www.gardeningleave.org/best-kukri-machete which provides a review guide on the best options.

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